Exciting times at Springcoil!!

We are currently working closely with a local racing team that currently have a driver in the TOYO TIRES Pre 2005 Production Touring Car Series. The team are only allowed to make very small changes to the car from standard, the only areas that can improve are the air intake system, the exhaust system and the vehicle suspension, everything else must remain standard spec, this makes it harder for drivers, but certainly makes the competition more balanced as each car then falls into a similar power/weight category. If you look closely at the pictures you’ll see theSpringcoil logo on the side of the car, this will help further promote our brand, exposing us to a wider audience, especially in the world of motorsport.

Latest Race Cadwell Park Saturday & Sunday 14th – 15th May

Please join us in wishing Craig Langley all the best of luck for the up and coming meeting and in the 2016 season, and remember…

If you need a Spring?.. Give us a ring!! 0800 112 3118 freephone

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