At Springcoil we can cater for all your coil spring design and manufacturing requirements. Every year we manufacture thousands of springs for the Oil and and Gas Industry, supplying high quality springs ranging from the smallest springs for use in low pressure valves to huge pipe hanging springs as shown in the attached images. The liquid/ gas passing through this pipework is often under very high pressure. The function of the pipe hanging spring is to compensate for slight vertical displacements in the piping, in effect the springs provide a degree of flexibility into the system, allowing is to move slightly and adapt to vibrations, temperature variation without causing damage to the pipework and potentially allowing it to rupture due to the high internal pressure. The small valve springs are often also used to control the flow of gases/ liquids, they provide a specific load rating on the valve that can be used to open/ or close certain valves when the pressure changes from the nominal value. These springs are also used as return devices in drilling machinery where the spring provides a constant load on the drill tool, allowing slight movement to stop the tooling being able to snag and potentially break. The majority of these springs are used in hot, high-stress and/ or corrosive environments, we stock a large range of specialist High Nickel Alloy material, such as Stainless Steel 17-7, Inconel X-750, Hastelloy C-276, Nimonic 90, etc. These specialist alloys allow us to produce springs that will work in the most corrosive and detrimental environments, thus allowing further advancements in engineering and safety technology.