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10 Jun 2016

16 March 2016

At Springcoil we can cater for all your coil spring design and manufacturing requirements. Every year we manufacture thousands of springs for the Oil and and Gas Industry, supplying high quality springs ranging from the smallest springs for use in low pressure valves to huge pipe hanging springs as shown in the attached images. The liquid/ gas passing through this pipework is often under very high pressure. The function of the pipe hanging spring is to compensate for slight vertical displacements in the piping, in effect the springs provide a degree of flexibility into the system, allowing is to move slightly and adapt to vibrations, temperature variation without causing damage to the pipework and potentially allowing it to rupture due to the high internal pressure. The small valve springs are often also used to control the flow of gases/ liquids, they provide a specific load rating on the valve that can be used to open/ or close certain valves when the pressure changes from the nominal value. These springs are also used as return devices in drilling machinery where the spring provides a constant load on the drill tool, allowing slight movement to stop the tooling being able to snag and potentially break. The majority of these springs are used in hot, high-stress and/ or corrosive environments, we stock a large range of specialist High Nickel Alloy material, such as Stainless Steel 17-7, Inconel X-750, Hastelloy C-276, Nimonic 90, etc. These specialist alloys allow us to produce springs that will work in the most corrosive and detrimental environments, thus allowing further advancements in engineering and safety technology.



10 Jun 2016

15 March 2016

Recoil those winter blues.. Spring is just around the corner!
We are fast approaching the time of year when classic cars emerge from their winter hibernation. At Springcoil we have a huge database full of specifications for classic car spring designs, and can therefore cater for all your coils spring requirements allowing you to fully restore your pride and joy. We can adapt and develop the designs to meet your exact requirements should you wish to drift from the original spec we can offer thousands or different designs, for example 1.000″ lowering and 10% up-rating. We can produce springs to meet your exact requirements! If you have any further questions please call and a member of the team will happily assist you.


10 Jun 2016

9 March 2016

Springcoil. Be in the know!..
This video shows one of our operators coiling springs to be used in the engineering/industrial sector. In the video we explain the different stages involved with coiling springs. If you wish to know more please contact us, and we will be happy to help.



10 Jun 2016

7 March 2016

Springcoil proudly announce the launch of our very own e-shop!! Customer’s can now directly order spring lowering kits by going to;http://www.springcoil.co.uk/homepage-search/

When on the site, customer’s can then filter by Make & Model in order to identify the correct springs for their car. These springs are stored part-made and therefore are available with in 3 – 5 working days from the order date. If you can’t see springs for your specific vehicle please either click on the ‘made-to-order’ springs tab and fill in the enquiry form or contact us directly via email (enquiries@springcoil.co.uk) or by phone (+44 114 273 1111). The lowering springs are powder-coated red to give a high quality, crisp finish, that denotes an improvement in handling performance. For a small additional fee we can ‘hot-press’ the springs to give the customer a bespoke lowering, this usually take 7 – 10 working days before the springs are ready.

If you are in the market for some lowering spring please take a look at our range, and remember.. if you need a spring?… Give us a ring!



10 Jun 2016

28 January 2016

Springcoil proudly announce that we are now able to design and manufacture anti-roll bars (sway bars). If you have an enquiry for us please send either send us a drawing or a sample and we will be happy to quote you for it. The anti-roll bars in the picture are some we have made recently for Land Rover Defenders.



10 Jun 2016

15 January 2016

Springcoil would like to thank all our customers for their business throughout 2015!

Today, Springcoil Sales Director (Carl Martin) & Spring Design Engineer (Jack Durham) visited the 2016 Autosport Exhibition. Their aim was to promote the Springcoil brand and further raise general awareness of our companies design and manufacture capabilities whilst meeting up with current customer’s and further strengthening our customer/ supplier relations. The visit was very successful with is gaining new sales leads and also getting the chance to meet some of our new and very recent customers who were exhibiting there. We hope you enjoy the pictures of some of the finest cars to grace the World of Motorsport!



10 Jun 2016

5 January 2016

Springcoil would like to thank all our customers for their business throughout 2015!

We would like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year and offer you our continual support through this coming year and for many years to come!

We hope you all you all enter 2016 with a SPRING in your step as we will be doing!

10 Jun 2016

24 December 2015

Ho ho ho..
We wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year to all our customers, friends & families. We are now closed until Monday 4th January. If you wish to contact us in the closure period please do so via Facebook and we will endeavour to get back to you ASAP
Kindest regards,

Springcoil Ltd.

10 Jun 2016

2 December 2015

Springcoil would like to wish all our customers & friends a very Merry Christmas!
Please note that Friday 4th December will be the final cut off deadline for any non-stock springs required before our Christmas shutdown (23/12/15 – 04/01/16). We currently have a very busy production schedule in the run up to Christmas, however we will do our very best to supply any springs currently on order before this date.

Many thanks & once again MERRY CHRISTMAS

10 Jun 2016

16 November 2015

Showing our respect for all those who lost their lives in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, our deepest sympathies go out to the families of those that have lost innocent loved ones. ‪#‎prayforparis‬ ‪#‎springcoil‬

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