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POLO 1.0/1.4/1.4-16V/1.4TDI/1.6/1.9SDi (F:50. R:40MM) Lowering Springs

These lowering springs can only be used with shortened shock absorbers.
Year : 08/1994-2000
Lowering : 50/40

POLO 1.2/1.4 16V/1.6 (50MM) Lowering Springs

The front bumpstop must be shortend 15 mm from topside.
Year : 11/2001-11/2009
Lowering : 50MM

SHARAN (50MM) Lowering Springs

Not suitable for cars with level adjustement.
Year : 09/1995-09/2010
Lowering : 50MM

TOURAN 1.6/1.6FSi (30MM) Lowering Springs

For cars with standard lowering, the indicated lowering will be reduced with the amount of the standard lowering
Year : 2003
Lowering : 30MM
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