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200-SERIES 240D/TD/280E/TE/280CE/300D/TD (40MM) Lowering Springs


200-SERIES 240D/TD/280E/TE/280CE/300D/TD (40MM) Lowering Springs


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Mounting instructions for W201/202/123/124/126:Max. lowerering is obtained by using single points (single stud) spring rubber bases on the front and rear axles. In case, the 3 point or 4 point rubber bases installed by the manufacturer have to be exchanged accordingly (spare part available from DB agents) in case of corresponding accessories, as automatic shifting, air conditioning etc. However on the front the 3 point or 4point rubber bases must always be used in case of trailer operation (trailer couping) on the rear axle, 3 point rubber basses must always be used

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